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Jon White

'My mission is to get people out there playing and enjoying the great game of golf.'

As a dedicated PGA golf professional and a AAA accredited golf coach, Jon has been on his mission for well over 20 years.

In that time he has helped 1,000's of people to enjoy the great game of golf - but this is only the start.

Jon passionately believes that golf should be EASY and a FUN experience to play!

Jon teaches easy to understand and easy to apply concepts so that people of all ages can experience enjoyment on the golf course.

He does not teach any particular swing style, but rather concentrates on a few basic style and mindset concepts and helps people find their natural way of playing.

Jon has a friendly,supportive and relaxed approach with his clients.

His clients of all ages and all skill levels are constantly amazed and delighted at how quickly they are able to be playing enjoyable golf after only some brief guidance from him.


'I look forward to the opportunity to help you to enjoy your golf. '

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